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Madigan Documentary

Illinois is one of the few states that have unlimited terms and House Speaker Mike Madigan have used this to his advantage. Since Madigan took office, 6 governors, 200 state senators and over 500 state representatives.

Is there a possibly that Madigan might stay in power until he decides to retire or will he remain in power until he dies? Will he seek higher office like becoming governor of Illinois?

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Drop the mic: Illinois Republican Party petitions Illinoisans to drop Mike Madigan 

Thanks to former President Barack Obama dropping the mic at his last White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April 2016, the Illinois Republican Party is petitioning Illinoisans to “Drop the Mike” Madigan through an ad that have a rapping caricature of Madigan.

Some lyrics of the rap

“Word. Don’t fight the feeling,” the Madigan caricature raps over a plodding beat. “I’m Mike Madigan and I rock Illinois. I’m speaker of the house, and these are my boys.”

Rappers, including a rapping Madigan, need some hype men and Democratic State Senator Andy Manar, Chris Kennedy and J.B. Pritzker filled that role.

More lyrics of the rap

“I’m the longest-serving speaker in the USA,” Madigan drones on. “I love to raise your taxes, and I’ll make you suckers pay.”

Due to the timing of the release of the video, is it possible that the Illinois Republican Party is getting a head start of the 2018 election since the ad was release AFTER the 2016 election and Madigan reelected as House speaker?

If the Illinois Republican Party is so obsessed with eliminating Madigan, could they just find a Republican that lives in Madigan’s district (Illinois House District 22) and run against him instead of putting up ads and petitions as a way to eliminate him?

The ad is posted below


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2017 Illinois State of the State Address


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner delivered the 2017 State of the State Address on January 25 in the Illinois State Capitol.


The goals that Rauner set for Illinois during the State of State Address:

  • Make Illinois the most ethical and efficient state in the nation
  • Invest in education so that Illinois has the best schools and vocational training in every neighborhood and in every community
  • And most importantly, make our state more competitive, more attractive to job creators, to grow our economy and bring more good-paying jobs to our state

WSIU Public Broadcasting’s broadcast of the State of the State Address


Daniel Schwen, Illinois State Capitol pano, CC BY-SA 4.0

Rauner also spoke about helping young Illinoisians out so that they will stay in Illinois and start another generation of Illinoisians:

“When it comes to providing a better future for the people of Illinois, nothing we do together is more important than educating our young people. We all want our children to be able to stay here in Illinois with good-paying jobs. And we want employers to come to Illinois because we have the best people.  So our administration has made education from cradle to career a top priority. 

Two years ago we delivered unprecedented funding for our K-12 schools, and the next year we came back and did it again. In all, our kids are receiving $700 million more per year from the state than two years ago, including an extra $100 million for early childhood education. The practice of proration has come to an end.

We formed a bipartisan task force to recommend changes to the unbalanced way our K-12 public schools are funded. For years Illinois has provided the lowest percentage of education financial support from any state in the country. And we have the largest gap between funding for high income schools and low income schools in the country, both across the state and within the city of Chicago. The task force expects to finish their work in the coming weeks, and we look forward to working on a bipartisan basis to implement their recommendations.

We created the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Youth, bringing together all state agencies that serve our children to ensure that Illinois’ young people are healthy, safe, well-educated and on the road to becoming self-sufficient. The commitment, cooperation and effective problem solving among the agencies involved is extraordinary; in partnership with external partners in the private sector, they will make Illinois a better place for all children.

Working with the Illinois State Board of Education, local high schools, community colleges and local employers, our youth Cabinet is striving to expand vocational training and apprenticeship programs for all our high school students so each of them has a clear path to an attractive career. 

Another critical initiative of the Children’s Cabinet is reducing young children’s exposure to lead. We’re proud to recognize Jen Walling from the Illinois Environmental Council, who is working with us on this effort, and she’s here today. On Martin Luther King Day, all of us, Democrats and Republicans, stood together in signing a bill that requires all schools and day care centers to test their drinking water regularly, and inform parents of the results. Dr. King spoke about the threat of lead in 1966, so it was particularly appropriate that we were able to sign that important piece of legislation on his birthday.”

Illinois State Representative Lou Lang  delivered the Democrats’ response of the State of the State Address